? Front Loader


? Working Device

Ordinary bucket, with
bucket teeth optionally available  

Timber fork

Bottom fork

Forage fork

Double-handle Three Unite Valve  

Timber clamp 

Multifunctional bucket 

? Parameters:
1. It shares the same hydraulic system with the tractor lifting device; the hydraulic transmission, featuring flexibility and mobility, fits to the operation in narrow sites to complete the work impossible for large machines;
2. For the quick suspension between the optional working device and the tractor, the hydraulic pipeline adopts quick couplings, featuring easy installation and convenient disassembly;
3. The optional single-handle valve is connected with the three-section oil pipe of tractor, which is characterized by simpler structure.
4. The type A, type B, type C and type D respectively are the rapid suspension with the optional movable arm and vertical column of front loader, rapid interchange between the movable arm and bucket, rapid interchange, and self-protective device of rapid interchange.
Rated Load Capacity (Kg)30040050060080010001200
Maximum Unloading Height (mm)1800200021002300230026002730
Maximum Dumping Distance (mm)600800900110011001000860
Excavation Depth (mm)100100140140140150150
Bucket Capacity (m3)

Service support

Service hotline:+86 400 8656865 (0086-400-TO-LOVOL)
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