Main Features

1. Compact structure, flexible mobility and suitable for narrow ground
2. All-wheel drive, suitable for uneven ground;
3. Be capable of quick switching and completing the switching between different working devices instantly.

Technical parameters

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Technical parameters

Rated Load(kg) 700
Tipping Load(kg) 1400
Bucket Capacity(m³) 0.36-0.45
Working Flow(L/min) 62.5
Power(hp) 50
Weight(kg) 2750
Speed(km/h) 12
Tires 10-16.5
Fuel and Hydraulic Oil Capacity(L) 50/50
Main Dimension
Maximum Operating Height(mm) 3670
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin(mm) 2900
Total Height(mm) 2050
Total Length with Bucket(mm) 3380
Total Width with Bucket(mm) 1740
Tread(mm) 1450
Wheelbase(mm) 991
Ground Clearance(mm) 185
Dump Angle(°) 40
Dumping Height(mm) 2310

Product specifications

Optional ProductGlobal famous hydraulic elements, engine
Optional ToolsBottom fork, snow shovel, cleaner, breaking hammer and pit-picker 

Service support

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