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LOVOL tractor was invited to participate in the Oaxaca fair

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Recently, theMexican government and LOVOL dealers jointly organized a product fair in thecity of Tuxtepec, Oaxaca. Nearly one thousand customers came to attend themeeting, and LOVOL heavy industries was invited to participate in the tradefair with its new tractors. By virtue of its fashionable appearance, advancedtechnology, excellent product quality and perfect supporting services, LOVOLtractor has been well received by government departments and users.

At the ceremony,Mr. Fernando, the mayor, and government officials delivered a speech at theevent, praising the use of the LOVOL tractor, which has greatly improved theefficiency of local agricultural machinery and will play an irreplaceable rolein building a green industrial cluster in Mexico.

At the scene, withthe introduction of the on-site explanation personnel, many audiences were pressingfor a test drive. It is reported that the LOVOL product on display is a newthird-generation tractor specially designed for the Mexican market, including LOVOL254 tractors and 504 tractors, suitable for small and medium-sized farms andindividual end users and in line with the local use environment.

In recent years, LOVOL heavyindustry is committed to scientific and technological innovation, providingglobal users with intelligent agricultural machinery overall solutions, to provideusers with personalized, all-round services, make full use of domestic andoverseas research and development platform, develop more high-performancemechanical products suitable for local operations and help the development ofagricultural mechanization

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