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LOVOL 220hp tractors batch exported to central Asian markets for the first time

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Recently, a busy scene has been seen on theoverseas departure site of LOVOL heavy industries, with 20 units LOVOL MR2204tractors about to be loaded onto the China-Europe freight train bound forcentral Asia. The MR2204 large tractor was designed and shipped in less than amonth, reflecting the strong design, development, manufacturing and deliverycapabilities of LOVOL.

LOVL MR2204 large tractor specially developed forRussian, Southeast Asia and South America markets, Created by the LOVOLEuropean technical team, complete upgraded of the chassis, rear axle, gearbox,front axle, suspension, is a large tractor for large farms, pastures and otherlarge-scale complex operations. The machine weighs more than 6 tons, longwheelbase, traction, can match the heavy duty harrow, combined soil preparation machine, wideplanter and other large agricultural machinery. It is mainly suitable forfarmland tillage, sowing, transportation, engineering and other operations.

The tractor is equipped with a six-cylinderelectronic high-voltage common rail engine, with large torque reserve and lowerfuel consumption. Adopt high quality brand dry air filter, improve air intakeefficiency, better filtering effect; Full synchronizer 16+16 gear, geardistribution is reasonable and speed range is wide, the synchronizer shuttleshift, shift smoothly; chassis increased the heat dissipationsystem, maintains the chassis temperature between 80-90 degrees, the bearing,the gear, the oil seal and other key parts life greatly prolonged, thetransmission system work reliability enhances 50%;With the new distributor, thefalling speed is stepless and adjustable, and the operating sensitivity is highto achieve accurate operation. Standard 4 - way hydraulic output, optional 5 -way, good adaptability. This product is stable, efficient and comfortable tooperate. While enjoying the pleasure of efficient driving, users can get bettereconomic benefits.

In recent years, in order to actively go out, LOVOLheavy industry increased the investigation to the overseas market, the developedmany kinds of distribution cooperation, such as assembly cooperation, projectcooperation etc. And LOVOL tractor is also more and more attention by overseasusers.

In the vast Central Asian region, large areas ofcotton, wheat, fruit and flowers are grown, and animal husbandry is also well developed.Here the big-horsepower tractor and supporting machines market volume is large,update speed is fast and the development potential of agriculturalmechanization is enormous.

In the future, LOVOL heavy industry will alsoprovide a complete set of solutions according to the specific crop situation ofusers, and send the service team to carry out the safeguard work on terminalservices and spare parts, removing the worries of customers.

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