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LOVOL service training course successfully held in Myanmar

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In order to better serve the rice harvesting season in Myanmar market,ensure the accurate operation of local dealers. Recently, the overseas serviceengineer Su bo of LOVOL, the chief product experience engineer of domesticresearch institute Feng qinshan and others, using itinerant service gap ,to carryout two days of professional and special product training in Myanmar.

It is understood that the dealer organized itsbackbone service personnel, sales personnel and users to participate in thetraining, the training based on a combination of simple and interesting theoryand vivid practice, has been recognized by the majority of students.

This training involves the engine working principle, product knowledge,service maintenance skills and other important contents. During the trainingperiod, the expert lecturers encouraged the students to interact with eachother at various levels, and answered the members’ questions. The Students arealso enthusiastically able to express their views and share the product andservice problems and solutions in the actual work together.

It is reported that through the refinement and summary of the years oftraining experience, LOVOL heavy industry has formed a set of unique terminalservice training mode. In order to deepen the service to the terminal, make thetraining meticulous, realize the local synchronous training course docking, theoverseas division service engineering department develops the coursewarematerial in time, constantly organize staff to study, achieving everyassignment of engineers is a repair experts and training master, so as toprovide an escort of the business development and obtain the overseas dealer'sunanimous praise.

Through this on-the-spot systematic training, the Myanmar customers have amore detailed understanding of LOVOL,more firm confidence with LOVOL cooperation, helped the dealer to build aservice team with excellent maintenance skills, and truly interpreted theservice concept of  LOVOL "all foryou".


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