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LOVOL Heavy Industry with High Quality Products Participated in the First Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in the Republic of Congo

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Recently, thefirst republic of Congo agricultural machinery exhibition was held inBrazzaville, the capital of the republic of Congo. The state minister of therepublic of the Congo, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and other relevantgovernment leaders, Yu xiongfei, representative of the Chinese ambassador tothe republic of the Congo, the association of Chinese-funded enterprises of therepublic of the Congo and representatives of Chinese-funded enterprisesattended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. At the opening ceremony, theregional director of LOVOL heavy industries' overseas business division seated onthe podium as a representative.

At this expo, LOVOLheavy industry with a number of 25-120 Hp star tractors and supporting agricultural implements appeared, attracted countless eyes, andbecame the leading role in the exhibition. On the exhibition site, LOVOLtractor and supporting agricultural implements disk plough, rotary tiller,fertilizer spraying machine, spray machine, Hydraulic turn-over plough andother agricultural machinery and tools products are arranged in two rows in turn,looking like the wings of soaring, more shows of LOVOL high-endsmart products of power and grandeur to attract the local agriculture andanimal husbandry enterprises, and other important customer visit exchanges,many local people stop to watch, for details.

Ambassador Yuxiongfei said in an interview that with the strong support of the Congolesestate and relevant departments, China's high-end agricultural machineryproducts have actively participated in the development and construction ofthe republic of Congo, and have been recognized by the localgovernment and society, striving to promote Chinese brand products to Africancountries. He is very supportive of LOVOL's work and wants it to take on moreresponsibility to help develop agriculture and improve the living standards ofthe Congolese people.

Zhang peng, commercial representative of LOVOL heavyindustry group, spoken at the opening ceremony. He said that the exhibition,the first professional agricultural machinery exhibition organized by theCongolese government, kicked off a large-scale expansion of the Congo market. Next,we will try our best to do on products, services, parts supply, personneltraining, etc., for the republic of Congo agricultural development to providemore support, comprehensive raising the level of agricultural mechanization, increasingexports to neighboring countries under the help of the local government,reengineering the new benchmark of LOVOL's overseas market, bring LOVOL'shigh-tech products into a broader international market and enhance the competitivenessof the international market.

It is reportedthat the republic of Congo has a population of more than 5 million and acultivated area of 12 million hectares, but only 5% of the land has beendeveloped and utilized. Most of it is rough farming, and the food cannot meetthe needs of the country. The republic of Congo (DRC) is at the core of thecentral African community with stable society, low labor cost and strongradiation capacity to neighboring countries.

LOVOL heavyindustry always pays attention to the global development, has been adhering tothe "quality assurance, service first" concept of cooperation, toensure the leading technology of LOVOL. In the past five years, LOVOL hasdelivered more than 5,000 sets of agricultural machinery products to customersin West Africa, greatly improving the current situation of local agricultureand ensuring the solid progress of agricultural development and construction




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