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LOVOL Heavy Industries Presented At the Guanajuato Agricultural Fair in Mexico

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Recently, the 23rd Guanajuato agricultural expo inMexico was held in Irapuato, LOVOL heavy industry with a number of highperformance tractor star products appeared in the exhibition, the products withfashionable appearance and advanced technology has been well received by usersand industry experts at this exhibition.

Held annually in Irapuato, the show is Mexico's most important agriculturalfair and one of the most important international agricultural fairs. More than 1,300high-quality manufacturers from all over the world participated in theexhibition, attracting more than 10,000 professional visitors during the exhibition.

In this exhibition, the products on display by LOVOL are newthird-generation tractors developed specifically for the Mexican market,suitable for small and medium-sized farms and individual end users. Withfashionable and beautiful modeling, beautiful design, advanced technology,LOVOL tractors have harvested of a large number of "fans".

It is reported that since its products entered theMexican market, LOVOL tractor has been favored by local users and its saleshave been increasing steadily. Up to now, LOVOLhas accumulated sales of nearly a thousand units, tractor exports in thedomestic peer has maintained an absolute leading edge.

At present, the third generation of LOVOL tractor products have beenlaunched in the Mexican market, LOVOL products in the Mexican market from asmall horsepower gradually to a breakthrough in the large horsepower, into themainstream user groups, the product quality is highly recognized by local usersand brand awareness is also improving.

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