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LOVOL Belt and Road Story: Tractor and Cherry

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Witness Insta-famousfruit’s hot sales in Chile

Chilean cherries are very popular in China's third - and fourth-tiercities. Last year, 180,000 tons of cherries had been eaten by Chinese people.In recent years, Chilean cherries have become more and more famous in China.Chile, about 20,000 kilometers from China, has long been a blur in the memoryof Chinese citizens. However, the delicacy of the cherries makes Chile shine onthe world map of Chinese foodies.

From November to February of the following year isthe mature and sales season of Chilean cherries, which includes Christmas andChinese New Year. Among its export markets of Chilean cherries, Asia is thelargest export market, accounting for 90%, while China is the largestconsumption market of Chilean cherries.

In an orchard in Chile, farmer Carlos Vance driven aLOVOL 704 orchard tractor, spraying leaf fertilizer. When he saw the LOVOL servicepeople, he jumped off the tractor and said happily: “my cherries, mainly toChina, it is really kind to see you here; this year's market is also very good,I have made a lot of money rely on the cherries planting these years. Thanks tothese two good friends, they can do great work for me! The two tractors havenot been broken since they were bought, which save me a lot of worry. Thistime, you can only help me change the oil and filter element of this 704 tractorand another 824 tractor."

"After this picking season, I'm going toexpand the planting area by five hectares. And plan to buy two more LOVOLtractors, just to reclaim the wasteland. I feel much honored tobring delicious food to the Chinese people with the agricultural machinery madein China. This is mutual benefit." Said Carlo Vance happily.

Quality and service continue to improve, LOVOL agriculturalmachinery products in Chile is widely praised, which has become the " Insta-famous tractors " in thecircle of Chilean fruit farmers, witnessing the sale of cherries in the countryof origin.

LOVOLagricultural equipment shows the elegant appearance on expanding the SouthAmerican market

It is understood that the level of economicdevelopment and economic strength of South American countries vary greatly.Brazil and Argentina are the most developed economies in South America, andtogether with Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Peru, the six countries accountfor more than 90 percent of the continent's gross domestic product. ExceptBrazil and Argentina have certain agricultural machinery productionenterprises, other countries in South America do not have the production andmanufacturing capacity of agricultural machinery, can only make simplemachinery, so the degree of agricultural mechanization is not high.

In view of the development prospects of thismarket, LOVOL heavy industries has been taking South America as an important market fordevelopment. Since 2005, LOVOL tractor began to enter the South American marketand gradually expanded its market area with products of around 75 horsepower. LOVOLtractor with advanced technology, reliable performance, constantly upgradedhorsepower and product optimization, welcomed by users, become the first choiceof users and cultivated a large number of loyal users. At the same time, LOVOLheavy industry provides a complete set of agricultural solutions and supportingafter-sales service system, in farmland, orchards, rubber plantations, cottonfields, pastures and other occasions to play a very important role in agriculturalmechanization production, and took an active part in the modernization of localagriculture.

In recent years, LOVOL heavy industry has always madethe core technology breakthrough as a power of the enterprise's sustainabledevelopment, carried out a large number of domestic blank, the internationaladvanced agricultural machinery equipment research and development, such as the"power shift transmission tractor, high-performance large-scale combine harvesterand high-end intelligent agricultural machinery”, and so on. Moreover, it has achieved breakthroughs in a largenumber of key and bottleneck technologies, such as power shift, which hascompletely changed the situation that the core technology in the field ofhigh-end agricultural equipment in China has been monopolized by foreigncountries for a long time, promoted the transformation and upgrading ofagricultural mechanization, and constantly depicted a new picture of smartagriculture.

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