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Link the Belt and the Road,build an Intelligent future Lovol Asia Pacific project delivery ceremony held in Lovol factory of Qingdao

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At the day of Oct.29th ,2019, the delivery ceremony of 100 sets of Lovol equipment for Asia-Pacific project is held in Lovol factory of Qingdao. There are more than 300 attendees joining the event and witnessing the great moment of delivery ceremony, including the participants of the west coast of Qingdao New District, Qingdao port group, Lovol group and media.

The delivery ceremony starts at 10AM, Mr WangBin, the Vice G.M. of Lovol group delivers the gold key that symbolizes Lovol excavator to the customer representative, putting the activity into a very exciting and lively atmosphere. The order reaches almost 60 million RMB, it’s one of the biggest orders for Lovol in recent year.

This Asia-Pacific project construction is very strict with the technical certification and quality certification of the products, and also has very strict standards for the safety, comfort and reliability of the equipment. The construction company urgently needs a large number of excavators with reliable performance for the construction of pipeline laying, ditch excavation and other construction .

After getting the order, Lovol group makes full efforts to arrange production including the product resource preparation,production organization, quality control, packaging, logistics and shipping.The shipment will be completed on Nov.10th, 2019 to ensure that the products are delivered to users on time.

Recent years, after the Chinese national plan"The Belt and Road Initiative" was released, the countries along the route of “The Belt and Road” have gradually increased investment in infrastructure construction, and infrastructure construction has been developing rapidly. Through the active innovation of overseas distribution channel, Lovol group provides the products and service along the countries of “The Belt and Road”, commits the sustainable productivity, meets the requirements of urban construction and development. Lovol likes to do its best to enhance global economic growth, continuously improves the living environment of the Earth, and improves the quality of human life. 

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