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Lovol Innovative Terminal Service Marketing Model Helps Market Expanding in Mali

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Mali is located in the western land of Africa with lowlevel of Agricultural Mechanization. In recent years, Mali has rapidlyincreasing supply of agriculture machinery because Mali government keepsinvesting in agriculture infrastructure. Lovol H.I. has seized the opportunityto innovate its marketing model based on the local conditions, continuously exportinghigh quality agriculture machinery products to Mali and taking active part inMali’s agriculture modernization. 

In the past few years, Mali has gradually become thekey market of Lovol, more than 2000 tractors have been exported here successively.In consideration of Mali’s relative information blockade (local people getinformation mainly from traditional broadcast, newspapers and neighbors passingfrom mouth to mouth), the terminal marketing and service promotion are quiteimportant here.

In accordance with Mali’s local conditions, Lovol hadset up a stationary team to contribute to market promotion in Mali. Lovolstationary team, after arriving in Mali, had successively communicated inmeeting with distributors for many times with discussion being detailed fromtime, location to participants of the promotion conference. Agricultureassociations of Mali’s related cities extended warmly welcome after knowingabout the promotion conference of Lovol and were willing to fully support themeeting. Furthermore, they had issued the announcement of the conferencerespectively in the name of local agriculture association, which improved theofficiality and authority of this conference.

The promotion conference was held at four cities (mainsales area of Lovol tractors and agricultural regions of Mali), each of them lastedfor 3 days with activities including opening ceremony, products promotion,service promotion, distributors promotion, users meeting, usage training,products driving experience, completion ceremony, etc. The chairman of the localagriculture association was invited to attend the opening ceremony and thecompletion ceremony of each conference, which improved the recognition of localfarmers to the promotion conference.

The hosting of the terminal product promotionconference had strengthened confidence of Mali distributors and furtherimproved Lovol’s brand reputation as well. Especially the terminal use andmaintenance training and driving training in the conference improved thespecialization of users and reduced the failure rate and use cost of products, largelyincreasing the satisfaction of local users to Lovol products.

In the future, Lovol willcontinue to keep close touch with terminal markets and understand users’ demands,providing high quality products and services for them and acting as the “goodhelper” for the development of local agriculture and social economy. 

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