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The campaign of Lovol Global Service Everywhere ended successfully after its launch 9 months ago

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On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Lovol Heavy Industry Group in 2018, the group launched a large-scale user visit campaign of “Lovol Service Everywhere over 20 Years”. The professional service team with proven expertise provided customers with considerate services and solved their problems in everyday uses.

It is learnt that Lovol has selected 13 countries to visit during the campaign, covering Europe, America, South America, Southeast Asia, Central and South Africa, Russia, Middle East, North Africa and other regions. Before the visit, Lovol conducted detailed planning from six aspects of vehicle experience, user training, service promotion, product introduction, information research, and gift giving, with the hope to provide customers with real care.

By adhering to the initial aspiration, Lovol’s overseas service team members waded through the mountains and waters in spite of coldness and bitterness, fulfilling the “heart-to-heart” service commitment with real actions. In every country they visited, they would carry accessories to the frontline, whether it is the heart of Africa in hot summer or the muddy fields in Southeast Asia. They visited every local user with warm heart and brought them the best services of Lovol. Through the vehicle overhaul, free maintenance, operation training and other activities, the Lovol service was extended to the terminal in the marketplace. With reliable quality and excellent services, every overseas user can feel the considerate services of Lovol. Wherever they visit, the Lovol service team members would be warmly welcomed by local users, especially in remote areas in Africa. In some local villages, everyone would come out singing and dancing to welcome the guests coming from China far away.

The campaign lasted for more than 9 months and the team visited 133 users in 13 countries worldwide, including Mali, Chile, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Ukraine, and Myanmar, etc. In mid-June, the campaign of Lovol Global Service Everywhere came to a successful conclusion.

As a leading enterprise in the agricultural equipment export industry in China, Lovol boasts one core competitiveness of high-quality services, which is also the magic weapon for Lovol to become the industry leader. Facing the future, the Lovol’s overseas service team will continue to focus on customer needs, promote overseas service development, and provide better services to customers.

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