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Lovol paddy field tractor is tested successfully in the Vietnamese market

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Recently, a Lovol paddy field tractor is working busily and efficiently in a paddy field in Can Tho, Vietnam, attracting many Vietnamese dealers and local users.

It is learnt that this is the P3000 paddy field tractor newly developed by Lovol Heavy Industries Group. It is the first time for its prototype performance testing in the Vietnamese market. Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice, so it has huge demand for paddy field machinery. Through continuous efforts in recent years, the Lovol products have gradually established presence in the local market.

About 80% of the paddy fields in Vietnam are in the southern Mekong River Basin. The rice operation is performed into two seasons, i.e., the dry season and the rainy season. In the rainy season from June to November, the machinery should be equipped with a large local iron wheel, which is a heavy load for the rear axle and drive shaft of the tractor. The Lovol P3000 was installed with the iron wheel for testing for the first time. As of July 8, it has completed 300 hours of testing, and achieved satisfactory results.

The Lovol P3000 paddy field tractor adopts a naturally aspirated engine with superior performance, strong power, low noise, large steering angle and light weight, so it has remarkable advantages in paddy field operations. At the test site, the Lovol paddy tractor was unanimously recognized by local users and distributors with its advantages in superior performance.

The P3000 paddy field model is mainly for the paddy field operation in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. It also has good performance in the market of Thailand, Myanmar, and Iran. After successful testing in the Vietnamese market, the first batch of complete vehicle orders are under negotiation, laying the foundation for future sales of the Lovol paddy tractor in Vietnam and other markets.

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