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Stories on the Belt and Road, Popular Lovol Service Engineers in Mali

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In May, Mali was sultry and burning, with an outdoor temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius. The heat wave in the air was too hot to breathe. Lovol service engineers were sweating and panting, and their arms were tanned.

In Zagua, a small town in the border town of Cargoro, Mali, when local users heard that Lovol overseas service team was coming to hold activities, they all rode motorcycles out of the city to welcome service engineers. The welcoming team of nearly 100 men, women and children fully demonstrated the hospitality of the African people and their recognition of the products and services of Lovol.

May was Ramadan for Muslims. Restaurants on the streets were closed. Engineers shuttled through the fields of Malian towns taking their own bread and pickles. No matter how bad the weather was or how difficult life was, service engineers' determination to check and troubleshoot products for users could not be blocked.

Zagua is located on the border, where terrorist organizations are rampant and few foreigners go to the region. In an interview with the mayor of the city, he said that Lovol service team was the only one to visit the area in the past five years. To express his gratitude and ensure the safety of the team, the local police station undertook the security work actively. After the activity, they escorted the team to the border of the safe area in person.

From Bamako, the capital of Mali, Lovol service team was heading south, through which activities were held in every city. Each activity lasted for three days, including user representative symposium, Lovol  business situation in Africa, secondary outlets, product introduction, product service policies, product use and maintenance training, product safety driving training, product farmland demonstration, etc. At the end of each activity, Lovol overseas service engineers issued certificates to qualified users.

Africa is an important strategic market for Lovol Heavy Industry CO.,LTD.. Lovol has provided a large number of agricultural equipment and engineering machinery products for agriculture, transportation and infrastructure construction in Africa for more than ten years since the first wheat combine harvester was exported to Africa in 2005 to support local development. The products sell well in Algeria, Libya, South Africa, Mali, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo and more than 30 countries and regions.

As a backbone enterprise in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, Lovol H.I. actively responds to the "Belt and Road" national strategy, takes the initiative to grasp the development opportunities, explores the development mode of "going out", strengthens capacity building to implement innovation, and focuses on improving the management level of research and development, manufacturing, marketing and operation. Lovol H.I. always adheres to the customer-centered principle and helps Africa's agricultural modernization with better products and services.


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