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Lovol’s Grand Appearance at Brazil ARGISHOW

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On April 29, Brazil ARGISHOW began in a grand opening ceremony. It is the most famous and influential agricultural science & technology and agricultural machinery exhibition in Brazil and even the South America, and also the preferred exhibition in Brazil’s agricultural science & technology and agricultural machinery industry for purchasers to purchase excellent agricultural machinery and products and to understand the development trend of related products.

As the pioneer of China’s intelligent agriculture, Lovol appeared at the show with its Arbos tractor and Europard tractor which attracted great attention of the participants and exhibitors because of their excellent performance and high intelligence.

On the morning of May 1, Lovol, in conjunction with its local dealers, held a new product launch for Arbos P5000. Arbos P5000 tractor’s Italian design concept, streamlined body and connotative color matching attracted much attention at once. This product fully considers the safety, comfort, vision of operation, etc. In particular, the power shift technology independently developed by Lovol Arbos not only makes the tractor easy to operate, but brings customers a more stable, efficient and relaxed driving experience.

In the outdoor exhibition area, Lovol held an on-site trial driving activity. Many guests stopped to watch, and some scrambled to participate in trial driving. Impressively, several children from Rio de Janeiro enthusiastically boarded Lovol’s tractors for trial riding.

During the exhibition, lots of customers streamed toward Lovol for watching, trial driving and negotiation. After trial driving, Mr. Jacob from St. Paul said excitedly that after the wonderful experience, he would include this intelligent, comfortable and humanized power shift tractor in this years’ purchase plan.

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