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Celebrate! Lovol’s 10th Brand Store in Myanmar Opens

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On the morning of March 30, Lovol’s new store in Yinmabin, Sagaing Division, Myanmar held a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This store will mainly sell a variety of cost- effective products such as rice combine harvesters, tractors and auxiliary machines, and provide customers with various services such as maintenance, spare parts supply and technical support.

It is reported that this is Lovol’s 10th brand store of agricultural machinery in Myanmar. A total of 260 persons witnessed the grand opening ceremony, including Lovol’s general agent of tractors in Myanmar, loyal customers, interested customers, and surrounding farmers.

Mr. THEIN ZAW, Lovol’s agent, first introduced the guests present and Lovol’s products, presented the promotional and service policies for the opening activity, and then commended Lovol’s loyal customers.

In the afternoon, the most exciting lucky draw began. Mr. THEIN ZAW personally handed out the prizes to the winners and announced the start of the on-site purchase activity. After trial driving, a number of users signed purchase contracts. More than 20 machines were delivered on the spot. The activity achieved good results.

As the foundation of Myanmar’s national economy, the agriculture occupies about 40% of Myanmar’s GNP. Myanmar has about 18 million hectares of arable land and its main crops include rice, wheat, maize, peanut, sesame, cotton, beam, sugarcane, oil palm, tobacco and jute. Last year, Myanmar’s rice exports reached 900 million dollars. At present, Myanmar still has more than 4 million hectares of idle land to be exploited, showing great prospect.

Developing products suitable for the local market is a great “selling point” of Lovol. According to Myanmar’s users, Lovol’s products are characterized by strong power, high energy efficiency and especially localized configuration in line with customers’ needs, thus they are highly praised by customers. Continuous innovation and development of products has helped Lovol open up the Myanmar market and win lots of orders.

Providing customers with localized services is Lovol’s another key task to go deeper into the Myanmar market. Lovol’s “mobile service team” comprised of its overseas sales, service and technical personnel has travelled almost all over Myanmar, with an aim to provide on-site service training for customers, understand the demand for product improvements and make timely and suitable improvements.

In recent years, Myanmar and even the Southeast Asia have become an important growth point of Lovol’s overseas business. Lovol’s market share has been increasing year by year among domestic brands.

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