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Lovol’s Overseas Service Engineer Defines “All for You” in Snow

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In March, Kazakhstan was still covered with snow, with an average temperature of about -15°C. A biting wind blew like tens of millions of needles on the face. However, the cold weather and deep snow could not stop Lovol’s overseas service engineer’s passions to train the trainees of local dealers. Professional and dedicated Lovol’s service engineer and studious and enthusiastic trainees brought a little warm to cold Kazakhstan.

The week-long Lovol’s training session in Kazakhstan was successfully held in Kostanay. The dealers in Kazakhstan work on developing new customers for Lovol. In order to raise the service ability of dealers’ personnel and guarantee the timeliness of local services for Lovol’s products, Lovol dispatched Li Fuquan, an excellent overseas service engineer, to carry out training in Kazakhstan.

Hearing the coming of Lovol’s engineer, 53 trainees including salespersons and service personnel of the headquarters, branch managers and service personnel of 2-tier outlets came from all over Kazakhstan to attend Lovol’s training session.

During the 7-day training, the service engineer first introduced Lovol’s size, development history and business structure. Subsequently, he designed different training courses for the trainees in different positions. The training includes the selling points, safe operation, structure principles, adjustment, maintenance and troubleshooting of Lovol’s products, as well as the construction of parts depot and the use of CRM and SES systems. The theory course is interesting and easy to understand and the practice course is vivid and penetrating. The training combining theory with practice was unanimously praised by the trainees.

A trainee from Alma-Ata exclaimed: “this training is rich in content and the lecturer is experienced and meticulous. Especially in troubleshooting, I benefited a lot. It is very worthwhile to travel hundreds of miles in the snowstorm to take part in the training!”

This on-site systematic training makes the customers in Kazakhstan have a more detailed understanding of Lovol and increases their confidence in cooperation with Lovol, helps dealers build a skilled service team, and truly shows Lovol’s service concept—“All for You”

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