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Martin’s tour to China | A Famous British Journalist in Farm Machinery Experiences Lovol Products

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John Martin Rickatson is a famous British journalist on farm machinery and a freelance writer. He is also a famous independent writer in the Britain and European farm machinery industry and has been engaged in journalist industry for 20 years.


Martin grew up in a farm. Due to his keen interest in farm machinery, he has been dedicating himself to writing reports on farm machinery industry. In recent years, Martin noticed that a Chinese brand farm machine was quite popular among local people. How is agricultural production organized in this vast land of China? What changes had Chinese farm machines undergone before becoming popular among the British people? To find out the answers, he visited China.


Although he had had some knowledge about the development of Chinese farm machinery, he said he was astonished by the new look of Chinese intelligent agriculture when visiting China. After visiting Lovol’s intelligent agriculture, production and manufacturing etc., Martin said that the development of Chinese farm machinery went beyond his image. In the workshop, he witnessed many technology innovations i.e. automatic robots, unmanned driving and intelligent navigation. Behind these innovations is an independent innovation system which synchronizes the world’s top technologies and covers R&D, purchase, test and manufacturing. Technological innovation has become a importance force in Lovol’s development.


When he saw his favorite tractors, Martin could not help to take ride.


After the interview with Mr. Wang who is the manager and the responsible person of Quanquan Farm Machinery Cooperatives, Martin was amazed by Chinese characteristic agricultural development mode. Characterized by vast land with complex agricultural environment, Chinese agricultural industry was developed in light of local condition. Martin asked lots of questions as the situation in China is totally different from the British farms which he was familiar with.


It was spring, a time when farmers started to compact the soil to ensure appropriate humidity. The field was filled with green wheat seedlings. Mr. Wand introduced that the wheat seedlings had strong endurance against trampling. He said mechanized operations were carried out through out compacting soil, sprinkling irrigation, crop rotation and harvest. He also introduced the whole-process custody service. He vividly detailed the operation mode of Chinese farms.


Martin witnessed the operation mode of Chinese farms which is totally different from that in UK. He said that Chinese owners of large-scale farms were admirable, because they knew technologies, marketing and how to improve the land use rate.

Since 2005, Lovol H.I. has started to explore international markets. Currently, its strength has been steadily improved in terms of competitiveness in the international markets as well as local operation capacity. Its global innovation has led more “intelligent manufacturing of China” step into the world along the “belt and road”. More and more overseas clients have sensed this “Chinese strength” from the orient.


In recent years, Lovol H.I. has constructed a strategic layout of global resource, constantly increased t investment in technological innovation and integrated international high-end human and technical resources to develop a global R&D system and a complete global R&D innovation platform of enterprise, thus synchronizing its core technologies of products with the world. Lovol H.I. takes technological innovation as its drive force of development and is undergoing a major transformation toward intellectualization, integration and informatization. Backed by innovative development, a new look of Chinese intelligent agriculture unrolls before the world and attracts global attention.

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