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Lovol Paddy Field Tractor showcased in Iran Mashhad Farm Machinery Exhibition

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Recently, Lovol’s new product-P3000 Paddy Field Tractor showcased in Iran Mashhad Farm Machinery Exhibition. Being the largest farm machinery exhibition in Iran, the annual Mashhad Farm Machinery Exhibition always attracts top farm machinery manufacturers, dealers and accessories providers across Iran. During this exhibition, Lovol P3000 Paddy Field Tractor enchanted a great deal of visitors to experience themselves in the driver’s cab.

Lovol P3000 Paddy Field Tractor adopts naturally aspirated engine and is characterized by high performance, strong power and lower noise. Therefore, it provides clients with a stable, efficient and relaxing driving experience. In addition, large steering angle and light weight contribute to its noticeable advantages in operation in paddy fields, thus ensuring high efficiency in operation.

A farm machine dealer from Iran’s Persian Gulf plain said that “I will consider ordering this Lovol paddy filed tractor. It has elegant appearance, light weight and provides comfortable driving experience”.

P3000 Paddy Field Tractor was newly developed by Lovol in 2018 for paddy field purpose. It was designed mainly targeting at the paddy fields in Middle East and Southeast Asia. Currently, trial sales have been completed in the markets of Southeast Asia and the machine showed good market performance. The launch of this product effectively promotes Lovol’s competitiveness based on its existing products portfolio. Participation in this exhibition will lay a foundation for the sales of Lovol paddy field tractors in Iranian market.


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