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Achievement Made in Export of Lovol Rice Harvesters

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In recent years, the export of Lovol Rice Harvesters has increased steadily. In 2018, outstanding achievement was made with a grow rate of sales of 30% over the previous year.

Currently, Lovol Rice Harvesters are mainly exported to South East Asia countries i.e. Myanmar and Indonesia. Lovol has also gradually opened the markets in South America, South Asia and Africa. Even some countries in Oceania have extended hands to Lovol.

As early as over 10 years ago, Lovol had started to explore the market in Vietnam with regard to its Rice Harvesters. On one hand, Lovol tries to satisfy the market demand; on the other hand, it makes constant adjustment to upgrade and replace old products. Currently, Lovol’s rice harvester series are characterized by elegant appearance design, strong configuration and stable performance. Furthermore, Lovol has constantly improved the distribution and service network and financial services etc. through in-depth localization to win the market share.

Sun Deming, the General Manager of Lovol International Trading Company said, “The core competitiveness of our overseas products lies in platform + demand. We not only create innovative overseas operation mode, but also equip it with new platforms. Commercial alteration, upgrading and replacement of products are carried out in an accurate manner. This greatly promotes our sales in overseas markets.”

Lovol H.I. always sticks to the operation philosophy of “putting clients first” and take clients’ demand and degree of satisfaction as an important measurement. As the painting of machines was easily corroded due to high temperature and humidity in South East Asia, Lovol swiftly adopted more environment-friendly cathodic electrophoresis coating technologies to improve the corrosion resistance of machine and customer satisfaction was noticeably improved. All these measures have greatly improved the reputation of Lovol products in overseas markets.

Furthermore, Lovol H.I. has launched experience-based marketing in local markets. This is a kind of marketing which integrate the overall products experience and user communication. It’s as good as effective one-to-one communication with clients and Clients are able to get a comprehensive understanding of the Lovol and its products. Therefore, this market mode plays the role as a catalyst for market promotion.

Nowadays, the image of Lovol Rice Harvesters among overseas clients has changed and become a representation of high quality and cost efficient products “made in China”.

With the implementation of “Belt and Road” and capacity cooperation policies, more and more Chinese enterprises have expanded foreign investment and cooperation, exported products, technologies and management experience to help with development in developing countries. As a leading enterprise in Chinese machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, Lovol H.I. will give play to its own advantages and seize the opportunities to fit in the new round of globalization.

With this regard, Sun Deming introduced that: previously, we focused on sales, services and products; later, we added other business modules i.e. KD production, finance and brand. In this way, we engage ourselves in the whole industry chain from internal aspects to external aspects. Currently, countries in South East Asia have grown into a unified large market with infinite business opportunities. For a long time, the market was dominated by Japanese and Korean products. In recent years, the entry of Chinese brand into Southeast Asian market has loosened the monopoly position of Japanese and Korean products. In these regions, Lovol H.I.’s export has increased most significantly and the competition has also become more intense.

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