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Innovative Marketing Service Mode Help Lovol Enter into Burmese Market

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In Ruibao City which is located to north of Mandalay with 2 hour and a half hour’s driving, a special Lovol Tractors presentation was held. A mobile louderspeaker was used as the stage for experience marketing which attracted more than 150 users. 11 tractors performed spot demonstration and operation. The business personnel explained the selling points of Lovol tractors and invited users to experience the operation performance of products.

This was an innovative model created by Lovol’s overseas marketing team based on local characteristics. They cooperate with dealers to launch this event of “terminal operation + terminal products presentation”. With this closest approach to farmers and through the most real operation and the most practical actions, they were able to make the users fast understand the functions and advantages of Lovol’s products, so as to promote sales.

In recent years, with growth of market demand, the competition in farm machinery market of Myanmar has become more intense. The second-level sales network is a key factor to promotion of sales. The economic development in Myanmar is relatively backward. Infrastructure i.e. internet was rarely used. To make up the blank of use of internet, the terminal, the second-level dealers who used to focus on sales of agricultural materials and single cylinder engines have turned to the terminal ends in recent years and obtained fair result in promoting the brand recognition in local regions. To accelerate the second-level network construction and make a breakthrough in sales, Lovol fully utilizes its superior resources to launch diversified competition.

In addition to innovative marketing mode, Lovol attaches great importance to after-sale services. Regular visits to end users and door-to-door services help Lovol built a closer relationship with clients and understand clients’ demand and opinions. Lovol has moved clients through real actions and got them understand the excellence of Chinese brand.

Through marketing and service, Lovol has gradually opened the door of Myanmar’s market. In recent years, the sales of Lovol products in Myanmar have constantly increased. In the future, Lovol will continue to approach to terminal users to understand their demand and commit to provision of better products and services.


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