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Spring Farming at Balkan Peninsula Lovol Tractors in Siluya’s Hometown

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On a field in Balkan Peninsula, several red Lovol tractors were operating busily. 43-year old Siluya is humming a little tune with a tobacco pipe in his mouth whiling driving his new Lovol tractor to carry fertilizer to field. Seeing the Lovol service team, he warmly greeted, “my dear Chinese friends, welcome to my farm!”

Siluya lived in a small town in the center of Vojvodina plain which is a favorable for agricultural production due to fertile land and adequate rainfall. In addition to the vast farmland, there was also a large orchard and vineyard and a fair amount meadow with abundant sheep and cattle. It was truly a treasured place.

Siluya was a loyal fan of Lovol tractors. Due to deep relationship with China, Chinese government had provided many tractors to his country as assistance since 1960s. Therefore, there were many tractors in local farm. It’s fair to say that Siluya grew up behind Chinese tractors. He has developed a special sentiment toward Chinese tractors. In his eyes, Chinese tractors are of high quality and the best choice and favorite treasure for local farmers.

One day, 15 years ago, when his local farm introduced a new tractor, Siluya was immediately attracted by its elegant streamline and bright red painting. He never thought that a tractor could be that beautiful and totally different from those usual square ones. While he was fully obsessed by the tractor, the vice head who took charge of the machinery in the farm told him, “This is a Chinese Lovol 504 tractor which has just been introduced. It represents the highest level of Chinese tractors. We should treat it like our kids and take good care of it.” From then on, all drivers in the farm liked to drive this new tractor and gave cold shoulder to those outdated ones. This new Lovol tractor performed basically all operations in the farm i.e. farming, seeding, transportation and harvesting. In the following few years, this Lovol 504 tractor made great contributions to the farm. All agreed that this tractor was reliable, strong and fuel saving.

Several years later, the collective farm was dissolved and land and equipment are allocated to individual household. Siluya received not only 5 hectares of fine land but also this tractor. Everyone envied him. From then on, he was the sole driver of the tractor. He was hard working and gradually became richer and contracted more land.

With increase of land, Siluya decided to purchase more tractors. He made a tour to the local urban market and found there were too many tractor brands with varied prices and quality. Finally, he decided that “Lovol” was the best. Therefore, he bought three Lovol 504 tractors in Lovol franchise store and hired three drivers. He not only used the tractors for farming his own land but also the land of others. Over one year’s use, everyone praised the performance of the three tractors. In Siluya’s views, as both farmland and orchard are developed in local area, Lovol tractors were not only very suitable for farming in farmland but also for spraying and fertilizing in orchard. They were efficient and flexible in steering. More importantly, they didn’t have much failure and were easy for repair and maintenance.

With the help of the four Lovol 504 tractors, Siluya was encouraged to work even harder. After the tractors were bought, Siluya was barely free. After finishing the work in his own farmland, he also worked at the construction sites to earn more money. During this period, Siluya was contented with the performance of Lovol tractors: there was not a single major failure. In case of any little flaw, the Lovol’s service men were always available whenever you need. They provide efficient services in a timely careful manner without delaying your work. He said he must give a thumb to Lovol for its one-stop service.

It was time for spring farming. Many farmers had called Siluya to reserve farming service. Siluya intended to buy two more tractors. He said, “Lovol 504 tractors are my appetite. They work well for me. This spring, I intend to purchase two tractors of the same type to expand my business. Recently, the franchise store introduced a type of Lovol 504 tractors. I’ve visited the franchise store many times and intend to buy them.

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