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Lovol H.I. Presented Products on Ukraine International Agro Exposition

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“I bought two Lovol 504 tractors for my transportation in orchard. Lovol products have less troubles and more prompt supply of accessories. So, I am quite satisfied with it. On this event, I encountered a new generation Lovol tractors whose appearance, outfit and technology have all been significantly improved. So, I prepare to order two Lovol third generation body 504 tractors and sell my 2 Lovol 504. Second hand vehicles of Lovol enjoys quite high ratio of values, and are easy to be sold.” A user from Ukraine said.

On June 8th, the Ukraine International Agro Exposition was held in Keiv. And, Lovol H.I. participated together with three of its third generation tractors, TB504, TD1054 and TD1304. Its new products were widely accepted by users and experts with its fashionable design and advanced technology. Visitors kept taking pictures with the tractors. During the event, Lovol accepted altogether 67 clients and signed sales contracts of 17 tractors valuing at RMB1.8million.

It is said that Lovol H.I. has long been exploring Ukraine markets since its first tractor exported there in 2006 and has established its market operation departments and marketing, service and accessory centers. The staff who has long worked out there kept contacting with the terminal users to collect their comments on operations and settle their problems related to products in use, thus realizing effective and localized operation.

After continuous research on site, product improvement and innovation over the past one decade, the third generation series of tractors of Lovol have been successfully launched. They optimized the overall performance curve, mounted engines with Perkins technology, realized optimized matching of energy consumption and power and a power reserve of 40%. The products adopt synchronizer shuttle shift to further improve stability in gear shift and expand ratio coverage, thus fully meeting demand in deep scarification, soil preparation, harvest and transportation. Their appearance is also optimized and more user-friendly, the design is more fashionable featuring huge full-view glass drivers’ cabinet and wide view. They are equipped with luxurious and spacious seats specially designed in accordance with body shape of Europeans, which can better satisfy various demands in operation and provide more comfortable and effective product experience. By now, Lovol has sold more than 13,000 units in Ukraine. It is now a true star in local agro machinery market.

Now, we can see Lovol products everywhere in farmland of Ukraine, the so-called “Grain Bin of Europe”. It is believed that Lovol H.I. brands and products will be recognized and accepted by more users with its influence of the third generation products and will contribute more to the agricultural development of Ukraine.

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