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Lovol H.I. Presented Iran International Agro Machinery Exhibition

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Iran International Agro Machinery Exhibition was opened in Shiraz recently. Lovol H.I. presented the event with its TE and TB series of tractors. Its products were widely accepted by users and experts with its fashionable design and advanced technology. During the event, Lovol H.I. received about 40 clients and signed sales contract of about 10 tractors on the event, valuing at about RMB800,000 and achieving satisfactory results.

It is said that the products delivered by Lovol H.I. on the event were specially designed for Iranian market and in compliance with local operation environment. They are mounted with engines with high torque, chassis with high strength and synchro mesh gearboxes, featuring more effective performance, energy saving, higher reliability and durability. On the event, visitors swarmed to the booth of Lovol H.I. with strong buying intentions. And, six tractors were sold on the first day. A user from Shiraz said, “I have bought 9 Lovol tractors since 2012. They have better performance, less failures and prompt supply of accessories. So, I am so satisfied with them. I would buy one more Lovol tractor with 50hp.”

Sources suggested that Lovol H.I. had sold out over 2,000 units in Iran over the past 13 years since its first product exported to Iran in 2005. Lovol H.I. also built its service accessories center in Iran and a comprehensive sales and marketing network. At the same time, the staff solicited comments on demand of local users by contacting with clients in person in order to settle all problems as soon as possible in their use of products and provide guidance on operation and service support, thus effectively realizing localized operation.

In recent years, against the background of the implementation of the national “Road and Belt” initiative, Lovol H.I. adopts a strategy of “Going Global” and follows a characteristic development model of “Global R&D, Manufacturing and Distribution” in order to collect high end global resources, build global operation mechanism and realize “Going Global” in terms of product R&D, manufacturing and marketing service. Lovol H.I. provides reliable products to countries along the “Road and Belt” and sets an example to lead the advance of industry technology of those countries, thus promoting the development of modern agriculture. (Li Kai)

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