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Lovol H.I. Tractors Appeared on Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar International Economic and Trade Exposition

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In recent days, the 18th BIH Mostar International Economic and Trade Exposition was held. The Exposition is the largest in scale, highest in standard and most professional in expertise level in BIH, with an exhibition area of 30,000sqm.

On the Exposition, Lovol H.I. presented two MB524 wheel-type tractors with brand new designs, one of which is equipped with air-conditioning in drivers’ cabinet and the other with heating system, satisfying diversified demand of various users. Lovol H.I. tractors attracted many visitors with its nice appearance and new European style design. The visitors seemed quite interested and loitered around the booth and provided their questions to staff for inquiry of performance and features of the tractors.

What is important is that Chen Bo, the Ambassador to BIH, and Sarovic, Vice President of Ministerial Meeting and Minister of Foreign Economy and Trade of BIH, visited the booth of Lovol H.I. Ambassador Chen Bo made introduction to Sarovic, “This is the famous brand of our Chinese tractors. They are truly Chinese Iron Bulls.” Everybody out there raised their thumbs towards staff of Lovol H.I.

Hill, a user from Sokolac, has 10 hectares of wheat and potatoes and more than 100 sheep. He started using Lovol tractors since 2010 and has now three such tractors on his farmland for daily management and transportation of pasture. He said with emotions, “The government regulated the policies regarding subsidies to agriculture, the price of grain increased and I am more confident in planting grains. I am planning to expand my coverage, and three tractors would not be enough. I will order two more Lovol tractors. They are strong and durable.”

BIH is an agricultural country with an area of farmland of 2.572 million hectares and over 50% of agricultural populations. The major plants include wheat, corns, potatoes and grapes. The most important trade partners of BIH are those member countries of CEFTA. Therefore, it enjoys promising export potentials and huge demand from agricultural and greening machinery and accessory. During the event, 23 Lovol tractors were ordered, which is a quite good result. (Song Bingshan)

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