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Lovol H.I. Presented the 85th Serbia Novi Sad International Agriculture Exposition

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Recently, the 85th Serbia Novi Sad International Agriculture Exposition & the 3rd “Chinese Agriculture (Serbia) Exhibition” was held in Novi Sad. Lovol H.I. presented the event with its ME254/354, MB454/504/504/604 and MD904.

The annual event was first held in 1934 and is the largest professional agricultural exhibition among “Central & East European 16 Countries”. The Exposition was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Water Resources of Serbia, serving as the most convenient way for Chinese enterprises to enter into agricultural, gardening and food market in central and eastern Europe and even Middle East. Since 2016, the Chinese government has been holding China Agriculture (Serbia) Exhibition on Serbia International Agriculture Exposition, which is an important media for cooperation of China and Serbia as well as all countries alongside the “Road and Belt” in terms of agriculture and is a platform for project cooperation between China and all countries involved.

After the opening ceremony, Cao Jianming, Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Zhang Zhijun, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Committee of NPC and the delegation, escorted by Serbian officials, paid visit to the booth of Lovol. In front of the nice-looking Lovol tractors that are arranged orderly, they praised the achievements as they heard about that Lovol has maintained top in Serbian market in terms of market occupancy among all other Chinese competitors. Then, he encouraged Chinese enterprises to deliver more products made in China to the international arena. Later, four Lovol tractors were ordered immediately.

As we all know, central and eastern Europe is a front line and bridge tower for Chinese enterprises to enter into European markets and a place contested by all world agricultural machinery producers. Serbia is a key country in central and eastern Europe and Balkans. It is also a country that locates on an important position in the “Road and Belt” initiative. What is more important is that Serbia is the first visa-free country in Europe and keeps providing many favorable policies. Therefore, we can conclude that anyone who enters into Serbia enters into Europe. So, Serbia becomes the brightest star in many central and eastern European countries. China and Serbia supplement each other on agriculture and enjoy a promising future in cooperation in agricultural investment and technological development. Through similar large events, we can promptly be informed about market trends, improve feedback mechanism and gradually integrate with global powers in terms of R&D chains, market chains and supply chains. Lovol H.I. can significantly improve the overall performance and technological expertise of its foreign products in order to provide new growth dynamics and power to the future development.

As early as in 2003, Lovol H.I. has started deployment in Serbia and other surrounding central and eastern European countries. After a decade or so, Lovol H.I. now can provide a whole series of solutions to satisfy demand of European clients. By now, Lovol has sold more than 2000 tractors in Serbia, and the same figure would reach over 10,000 if sales volume in surrounding central and eastern European countries in included. Lovol H.I. has become a brand “Made in China” that enjoys highest market occupancy in central and eastern Europe. (Song Bingshan)

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