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Travel over mountains and rivers for servicing Lovol’s clients---Start of Service Tour in Mongolia

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In May of Mongolia, we see a booming sowing season. In order to express the “thoughtful” service concept of Lovol and the care towards users, the Overseas Business Department selected Mongolia as the first stop of the service tour.

On the early morning of May 20th, Pang Baoxue, the service provider, came to Hentiy Aymag under the guidance of a local service personnel. And he visited his first client, Enchen Legg Speaking of this client, he is a famous person renowned for his ability of becoming wealthy.

In 2015, he purchased the first one MG1654 high horse power tractor in Mongolia. He drove it for plowing and rented it out and earned his first pot of gold. In 2017, Enchen Legg became rich and bought a Lovol GN60 harvest machine. In spring, the Lovol tractor is used to sow, and in autumn, it is used to harvest. The two Lovol products helped him become rich. Under his guidance, in his cym (in Mongolia, cym is a level of administrative region that is superior to village and equal to town, but is smaller than town), there are more than 20 Lovol tractors and combine harvesters. And the cym he lives in becomes a famous “Lovol Cym” and “Wealthy Cym”.

Enchen Legg was quite happy to see Pang and praised the superior quality and prompt service of Lovol products. He said that Lovol would provide immediate service support no matter how remote the products locate and how difficult the problems are. He was quite impressed by the Lovol service and he recalled a night in last October that his harvest machine failed suddenly on farm land. So, he had a try and dialed the office number of Lovol in Mongolia, and the reply is that the breakdown might result from a serious blocking of bridge. Pang spent several nights in cold autumn to fix it. Enchen Legg memorized the sincere assistance of Lovol deep down in his heart. He thought about going to office in person to express his gratitude. However, Lovol personnel came to his home in spring to help him maintain the tractors and presented him a gift for Lovol 20th Anniversary. That was really a material support. He was so happy and praised all service team members all the time. He said that they are always protecting him on the road towards well-off livelihood. Every Lovol staff implements the concept of “thoughtful service” through their hard work and with clients as the core.

In recent years, Lovol H.I. kept exploring Mongolian markets and won several orders, helping local users to get rich and providing support to the development of local agricultural industry. So, it is widely accepted in Mongolia. (Song Bingshan, Pang Baoxue)

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