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Lovol H.I. Presented the 123rd Canton Fair

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On April 15th, the 123rd Canton Fair (Canton Fair) which is honored as the indicator of China’s foreign trade was held in Pazhou Exhibition Center. Lovol H.I. and its tractors and rice machine and many other key products presented the exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, Lovol H.I. received about 120 clients with intentions of reaching deals from several dozens of countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. The products attracted them and the booth became one of the most popular one on the Canton Fair.

On the exhibition, Lovol H.I. presented its Lovol TE, TB and TD series of tractors, AF108 rice machines and three-wheel motor bikes and three-wheel automobiles. The brand new product portfolio can satisfy operation demand of clients in various regions and display the significant results of Lovol in science, technology and innovation in recent years. The products was highly praised by domestic and foreign clients.

The reporter witnessed a huge crowd of clients out there around the booth of Lovol for negotiations. And the new generation of Lovol tractors on the exhibition is a product that is designed with high level of European technology and synchronizer gear shifting. Its chassis and other core parts are exported from foreign countries and are the results of the new design concepts of European designers. It enjoys fashionable streamline appearance, luxurious details in the body design, comfortable man-machine engineering and highly effective and reliable product performance, which were widely welcomed by clients on the event. An agricultural machinery purchaser from North America said, “I have always been using Lovol’s tractors on my farm. They are powerful, reliable and effective and save much oil. Also, they keep making innovations on design in accordance with our customized needs on farms. So, I’m so satisfied and would like to buy more.”

 At the same time, the AF108 rice machine, as the major harvest machinery product of Lovol showcased on the event, realized comprehensive upgrading in power system, hydraulic pressure system, electrical system and device. It adopts 88 horse-power DEUTZ engines made in Germany and equipped with four-cylinder turbo, featuring low oil consumption, huge torque, efficient and reliable operation. Φ620×1954 long threshing cylinder, realizing thorough threshing and less losses. The screening system adopts long and perforated sieves that enjoy large area of screening, high level of cleanness of grains and less losses. The unloading tube can be as high as 920-4200mm, and can be operated flexibly with an angle of 270 degrees and is easy for various types of transportation vehicles to carry grains. This product is widely recognized by local users with its excellent performance in the sand areas in Middle East and hot and humid environment in Southeast Asia.

On this exhibition, Lovol fully took advantage of e-commerce platform and new media and provided two-dimensional code for clients to follow, thus facilitating them to get to know Lovol H.I. products and new developments. At the same time, they can also conduct online product trading. This satisfies demand of purchase of clients from different regions in a convenient and fast manner.

In recent years, Lovol H.I. has adopted a characteristic development model featuring “Global R&D, Manufacturing and Distribution” and focused on strategic markets and understood the clients’ demand. It also provided reliable products and thoughtful technical service support to clients through building comprehensive global marketing. And its products have been sold to more than 120 countries and regions and have been widely recognized. Through participating the Canton Fair, Lovol H.I. will continue exploring international markets with the help of its advantages and realize new breakthroughs in product sales. (Li Kai)

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