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“Lovol Village” in Algeria

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In a remote province Boumerdes of Algeria, there is a village called Oulad Aissa. People living there is just like one harmonious family. Mr. Rahli Moussa, the village chief, is highly respected there by all villagers. His words and actions are imitated by many people.

Days after days and years after years, the villagers lead a poor life by praying God for food. Most of youngsters went to cities for work, and the rest, most of whom are the old and children, seemed quite natural towards the poor life. However, everything changed fundamentally several years ago. The story started from the first tractor Mr. Rahli Moussa bought.

That was a spring morning ten years ago, and spring ploughing was in full swing. The villagers drove their donkey cart to plough. Suddenly, the roaring engine appeared at the gate of village. The village chief drove that green Lovol MB504 tractor with four-furrow plow back from the town. People were all interested and gathered to see what happened. They were attracted and shocked by the green paint, the shining lights and everything on that machine. Mr. Rahli Moussa drove that tractor home for plow and the soil smelled rather fragrant. The tractor plowed deep and fast and finished a large area of land in short time. That was much faster than donkeys. The villagers were all shocked.

Since then, he became the God of the village. Everybody who needed help would turn to him. Gradually, he turned well-off and bought harrow machine, sowing machine, cultivator and fertilizer applicators. When in slack seasons, he drove it to towns to transport construction materials and maintain roads. He had many works in all seasons. Two years later, he bought two Lovol MD804 tractors, one for his son and the other for his nephew.

“This guy has been working for nearly ten years, and has never broken down. He is really a good guy.” He told Lovol service staff who came to his village for tour service, “My income is good this year, I am confident to earn one another tractor.”

Under his influence, several of his peers bought Lovol tractors. And they used tractors to do farm works and earn extra in nearby villages. Their income is much higher than that they had earned in towns. At the same time, their farm work is not delayed. And, also, they can take good care of their families.

Later, many youngsters who worked in towns went back. Recommended by him, those young men bought Lovol tractors and farming machinery with their money saved. He also taught them how to use and maintain the tractors and he became the pioneer to lead them onto the road of wealthy life. Oulad Aissa village also became a famous “Lovol Village” in the eyes of all surrounding villagers and thoroughly shed off the fame of poor village and entered into a “Agricultural Machinery Era”.

In 10 years, nearly 300 Lovol tractors became part of this village and have turned into a standard equipment of villagers. The village drivers said that they grew up with Mr. Rahli Moussa, bought tractors with him, went for farmland work with him and earned money with him. He is a good neighbor and partner of them. They are very happy. (Song Bingshan)

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