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Lovol’s Long March of Public-welfare Xinjiang Aiding, Offering Donations to 900 Children in Kashgar Prefecture

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On July 15, “Hand in Hand•Heart to Heart” Lovol Public-welfare Items Donation Ceremony was held at Haertaxi Elementary School, Yafuquan Town, Shule County, Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang. Such personnel as relevant leaders of units responsible for handling Xinjiang aiding affairs- Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Kashgar Prefecture, Shule County Party Committee and Shule County Government, and Secretary of Foton Lovol Party Committee Liang Qirong attended. Such school supplies as schoolbags, pencil boxes and ruler & compass sets and some national musical instruments were donated to 900 children in Kashgar Prefecture.
Kashgar Prefecture has a long history, and is the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of southern Xinjiang, the largest distribution center of agriculture and livestock products, and a commercial place of strategic importance on the ancient Silk Road, and an important intersection of oriental and western economy, culture and civilization. In 1997, Shandong Province established pairing-assistance relation with Xinjiang, and dispatched 8 batches of cadre talents for aiding Xinjiang within the past 18 years. Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau actively dispatched the most outstanding cadres to participate in construction in Kashgar Prefecture, which made great contributions to the prosperous development of Xinjiang and the well-being of Xinjiang people. Foton Lovol responded actively to the calling of Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau and Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Kashgar Prefecture, to care about children in Kashgar Prefecture by donating school supplies and national musical instruments to 900 children here, and wished that these children will study hard and make contributions to the development of Xinjiang and the prosperity of the country.

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