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LOVOL Public Welfare Activity—Care for left-behind Children

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Left-behind children belongs to a special group: their parents break away from their hometown and leave their children to earn living and household income of the family through their diligent and hard work, meanwhile, parents have also made their own contribution to economic development and society stability. But the children are left behind at home in rural area and are seldom accompanied by their parents through childhood, all of which get together and become this special group—left-behind children.

Since 2011, FOTON LOVOL starts to launch this plan “LOVOL Public Welfare Activity—Care for Left-behind Children Plan”, which is a public welfare activity designed for left-behind children. Every year, FOTON LOVOL sets up special funds to care for left-behind children excellent in character and learning in China from Material and spiritual aspect by activities of Caring Student, Love Volunteer, 1+1 Family Affection activity and so on, which shall be an effective try to solve left-behind problem.

In December 2011, the activity “LOVOL Public Welfare Activity—Caring for Left-behind Children Plan” is launched in Zhengzhou, offering material and spiritual care for left-behind children in Zhengzhou.


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